World Impact Summit 2022


Jean Christophe Pereau

Bordeaux University

Professor in Economics, Bordeaux University, BSE


J-C Pereau is a Professor in Environmental Economics at the University of Bordeaux. His research focuses on the analysis of the climate change negotiation and the international environmental agreements using bargaining and game theory concepts. His more recent research has focused on the management of renewable resources and biodiversity, with a particular focus on the economics of fisheries and the economics of groundwater with the development of bio-economic and hydro-economic models. More precisely, his work uses dynamic bio-economic models and hydroeconomic models, quantitative methods and game theory tools to address economic issues such as the formation of coalitions between users of renewable resources (ii) the viability of transferable quota systems for renewable resources management like fisheries and water resources (iii) the bargaining process between agents that are involved in a joint project (iv) the international negotiations over global public goods such as the climate change negotiations and (v) the use of incentive instruments as Paiement for Ecosystem Services to manage natural resources.

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